These are vendors that work in a variety of different processes for 3D technology. Only those with (Author Recommended) are companies that the author and podcast host have used and recommend.  If you would like to be considered for this list please contact Bridgette Mongeon through the contact page. Check back often as we will continually be adding to this list.


Service Bureaus

• Synappsys Digital Services,  Norman, OK, (405) 366-6363, (author recommended)

Direct Dimensions,, Owings Mills, MD, (410) 998-0880,

Smart Geometrics,  Houston, TX, Nashville, TN, Washington, DC, and Port of Spain, TT, (author recommended)

3D Scanners- Studio Desk Top

Next Engine 3D Scanner, (author recommended)


3D Systems Sense,

3D Scanners- Commercial


3D Printing Service Bureaus



 • Ponoko

• Sculpteo


3D Printing Materials 

Individuals Who Prepare Files for 3D printing

Eric van Straaten,,

Vijay Dotsan,,

Marco Valenzuela,

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled)

CNC Service Bureaus For Foam

• Synappsys Digital Services,  Norman, OK, (405) 366-6363, (author recommended—

excellent service, great communication, and very dependable)

• Across the Board Creations Porthill, ID, and Wynndel, British Columbia, (250) 866 5757, (author recommended)

Blue Genie

CNC Milling Stone

Companies that Sell CNC Machines

Studio Desk Top

Build You Own CNC


Shipping Companies that Specialize in Shipping Art

Acts Crating and Freighting (713) 869-2269, (author recommended,

ask for Lace, friendly and very dependable)