This list of resources is meant as a one stop shop for those interested in using 3D Technology in their fine art and craft. These resources are from Bridgette Mongeon’s book 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft: Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting and Milling. Only the resources listed as “Author Recommended” have been used and recommended by the author. If you are interested in having your resource reviewed, please contact the admin and author Bridgette Mongeon through this website’s contact page.

Math Resources
Commercial Software

Free or Inexpensive Gems that Encourage Individuals to Play with Math
Knot Plot, helps to visualize knots,
Surface Evolver, visualizes minimal surfaces,
TopMod, a topological mesh modeler,
SeifertView, visualization of Seifert Surfaces,
Excellent tutorials on geometry and computation,

Math Conferences
• The International Society of the Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture (ISAMA),

3D Scanning Service Bureaus
Synappsys Digital Services,, Norman, OK,
(405) 366-6363, (author recommended)
Direct Dimensions,, Owings Mills, MD,
(410) 998-0880,
Smart Geometrics,, Houston, TX, Nashville, TN, Washington, DC, and Port of Spain, TT, (author recommended)

CNC Milling Companies—Foam
Synappsys Digital Services,, Norman, OK,
(405) 366-6363, (author recommended—excellent service, great communication, and very dependable)
Across the Board Creations,, Porthill, ID, and Wynndel, British Columbia, (250) 866 5757, (author recommended)
Blue Genie,, Austin, TX, (512) 444-6655,

CNC Milling Companies—Stone
Garfagnana Innovizione,
• Across the Board Creations ( see above, author has not used them for stone work) 

Foam For CNC Milling
DUNA-USA manufactures a variety of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams in different densities for carving and sculpting. CORAFOAM can be cut using a CNC machine or any tool that can cut wood. For additional information and pricing, please visit: or call: (281) 383-3862.

3D Printing Service Bureaus

3D Scanners to Buy
Next Engine 3D Scanner, (author recommended)
3D Systems Sense,

Vendors Who Sell RAM
Other World Computing (author recommended), Mac,
Fry’s Electronics,
Micro Center,

Stains and Paint
Sculpt Nouveau,

Specialty Hardwood
Houston Hardwoods Inc.,

3D Printing Products
Firecast, resin for investment casting,
Formfutura, specialty filament,
Fillamentum, specialty filament,

Shipping Companies that Specialize in Shipping Art
Acts Crating and Freighting,,
(713) 869-2269, (author recommended,
ask for Lace, friendly and very dependable)

Craters and Freighters,

Individuals Who Prepare Files for 3D Printing
Eric van Straaten,,
Vijay Dotsan,,
Marco Valenzuela,,

3D Coat, $379 full version, $99 educational version,, hard surface and organic
Sculptris, free,, hard surface and organic (author recommended)
3D-COAT, $419 full version, $99 educational version,, hard surface and organic
Mudbox, $495,, hard surface and organic
(author recommended)
ZBrush, $795,, hard surface and organic
(author recommended)
Blender, free—open source,, 3D modeling, animating, and much more
Rhinoceros, $995,, 3D modeling, NURBS modeling
SketchUp, professional version $590,, 3D modeling
SketchUp Make, free,,

3D Drawing
3ds Max, $3,675,, 3D molding and more
Vectric Aspire, $1,995,, modeling/signage and G-code
Maya, $1,830,, 3D modeling and much more
Carrara, $171,, modeling
Cheetah 3D, $69,, 3D modeling and more

Posing Programs
Daz Studio 3D, free, (author recommended)
Poser, $129 Poser 10, $449.99 Poser Pro, (author recommended)

Where to Buy 3D Models and Designs
Turbo Squid,
Content Paradise,

Software for Repairing Models
Netfabb, $299 non-commercial, $1,799 commercial, some portions are free,,
MeshMixer, free, (author recommended)
MeshLab, free, (author recommended)

Photogrammetry Software
Autodesk 123D Catch, free, $9.99 a month for non-commercial use,
Agisoft, $179 standard, $3,499 professional, (author recommended)
Acute 3D, $3,250 a year in the US, cross-platform,
Photomodeler, $1,145, photo modeler scanner $2495., not cross-platform but will run on parallels 6

Other Free Fun Stuff
JWEEL, browser-based jewelry design program,
Autodesk 123 Series,
–– 123D Catch, scan from your cell phone
–– 123D CNC, create files for CNC milling
–– 123D Creature, create creatures
–– 123D Design, create 3D models
–– 123D Make, helps you to make physical models out of designs
–– 123D Sculpt, sculpt using your iPad
–– 123D Meshmixer, helps to prepare your files for 3D printing
–– 123D Tinkercad, helps you to design 3D object for printing

Learn Code for Art
Processing 2, 

Create 3D Models from Medical Imaging


Software to Transfer Files
Cyberduck, $23.99,
Filezilla, free,
Fetch, $29,

Search for Comparative Software