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Art and Technology 007 – An Interview with Sculptor Oron Catts- Living Art

An Interview with Sculptor Oron Catts – A discussion about living art.

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Oron Catts is the director of SymbioticA at the University of Western Australia. SymbtioticA is laboratory that is “dedicated to the research, learning, critique and hands on engagement with the life sciences.” Catts is also co founder of The Tissue Culture & Arts Project […]

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Art and Technology 005- Interview with Paul Effinger- Foundry of the Future

An Interview with Paul Effinger – Foundry of the Future Art and Technology 0005

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Paul Effinger and Bridgette talk about the foundry of the future

Paul Effinger is a digital sculptor who is exploring different methods of bronze casting other than the lost wax method of bronze casting. He is exploring z corp printing in a […]

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Art and Technology 0004- Interview with Kevin Gillespie Topic 3d/copyrights

Kevin Gillespie pioneer in CG, talks with Host Bridgette Mongeon about 3d technology and copyrights- from a personal viewpoint. How can we protect ourselves as artists? How can we be more aware? Copyright in 3D is an emotionally charged issue.

For more information on this case, copyright issues and other information as well as a discussion […]

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Art and Technology 003- Interview with Joris Debo from .MGX talking about 3D printing

An Interview with Joris Debo from Materialise .MGX discussing some of the highest quality of 3d Printing. (Art and Technology 003)

Joris Debo from .MGX, a division of Materialise talks about the technology of large scale 3d printing and investment casting that their company is offering to the traditional and digital studio. .MGX works with 3D printing technologies […]

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Art Technology 002 Interview with Robert Michael Smith

Art and Technology Podcast “A fire side chat where innovation, creativity, technology and science meet.”

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Robert Michael Smith a pioneer in digital sculpting chats with host Bridgette Mongeon about […]

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Art and Technology Podcast

An introduction to the Art and Technology Podcast. Host Bridgette Mongeon and illustrator/writer Mike de la Flor talk about their hopes for digital, the podcast and the new book Digital Sculpting with Mudbox: Essential Tools and Techniques for Artist.

Our next podcast 
An interview with artist Robert Michael Smith.

Please feel free to comment about these podcasts in […]

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